4.1AE Elliptical

Premium feel and quality; feature-packed.

SKU: HEP0362-01

Key Features

SIXSTAR Certified™ frame

Derived from extensive biomechanics research, SIXstar Certification™ is a unique combination of the six key elements needed to deliver the most natural elliptical feel available. It focuses on all areas that impact the feel and comfort of an elliptical, including body positioning, handlebar spacing, elliptical foot path, pedal placement, elliptical access and the trainer's drive mechanism.

Heavy-duty flywheel for a smoother, more confident ride

In addition to the SIXstar certified frame, the 4.1AE features a commercial-grade, 30-lb. flywheel for the smoothest ride possible. A heavier flywheel helps you stay concentrated on reaching your fitness goals by providing a consistent, effortless motion for every stride.

Unique MAXtone™ pedal for a more intuitive workout

The arched design of the MAXtone™ pedal utilizes the science of balance training to uniquely recreate a walking or running motion, while slimming and shaping leg muscles and glutes with ease. Your foot flows through the motion just as it does when walking on sand -- your heel contacts first, then rolls up to the toes for push off. This eliminates the "tingling foot" sensation found on other ellipticals, initiates core activation, and provides additional traction.

Nike + iPod workout tracking

Join one of the world’s biggest workout groups with Nike + iPod, which automatically saves all your workout data directly to your iPod® so you can track your progress on nikerunning.com. Simply connect your iPod device to the Made for iPod connector and begin your workout while your pace, distance, time and calories burned are saved to your device. Once you’ve finished, connect the iPod to your computer, where iTunes syncs your workout data directly to nikerunning.com. Every workout is there, ready for you to review.

More workouts, less routine

Enjoy endless workout options with a variety of programming to match any fitness level and keep you challenged. From Muscle Toner to Reverse Train, Mountain Climb to 11 more exciting routines, including three custom workout programs, the 4.1AE elliptical offers numerous paths to reach your fitness goals.

Industry-leading service and warranty protection

In addition to lifetime frame warranty, AFG offers a five-year warranty on parts, and two years of unlimited in-home repairs.

Key Specifications

Frame Type SixStar Certified™ Frame
Flywheel Weight 30 lbs / 13.6 kg
Incline Type Power Incline
Incline Range 0-100% (increments of 5%)
Stride Length 20"
Resistance Range 1-20
Pedal Spacing 0"
Step-on Height 13.5
Pedal Cushioning MAXtone™ footpad
Console Display 5 LED Feedback Windows, LED Progress Window
Workouts Manual, Intervals, Weight Loss, Constant Watts, Muscle Toner, Reverse Train, Oregon Trail, THR Zone, HR Intervals, Cardio Boost, Mountain Climb, Custom 1, 2, & 3
Workout Tracking proFILE, Nike + iPod
USB Port Yes, used for Software Updates
Built-in Speakers Yes
Entertainment MP3/iPod dock w/ console controls and input jack
Heart Rate Contact Grips, Telemetric Receiver (Chest strap included)
User Capacity 350 lbs / 158.8 kg
Assembled Dimensions 76" x 29" x 68"
Assembled Weight 215 lbs / 98 kgs
Shipping Dimensions 50" x 21" x 30"
Shipping Weight 230 lbs / 105 kgs
Electrical Requirements 110V
Warranty | Frame Lifetime
Warranty | Parts 5 years
Warranty | Labor 2 Years

AFG Premium Warranty

Superior protection so you can purchase with confidence AFG Fitness offers best-in-class components and labor warranties for complete peace of mind.

Brake Lifetime
Frame Lifetime
Parts 5 years
Labor 2 Years

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4 out of 5

22 of 29 found this review helpful.

Smooth, Lots of Options

Submitted by Kuril (Orland, CA) on Jan, 2014

We put the 4.1AE Elliptical together in two hours. The hardest part was lifting the flywheel out of the styrofoam and putting it into place. Lift with your legs! The lower handle bar set did have their Left and Right labels switched -- it didn't take long for us to figure it out since the geometry was all wrong. Fortunately they were easy to remove for swapping. So keep an eye on the excellent diagrams and double check component orientations. Be sure to carefully route the ribbon cables and keep the ribbon cables from binding at the handle bar cover screw shafts. These handle bar covers were a bit difficult to screw together. The instructions to put the elliptical together were excellent and I loved the shrink wrapped parts; at a glance you can know if you're missing anything or what you need.

The workout is great. Lots of options to choose from which should keep this Elliptical in use for a very long time. Incline and resistance levels with many combinations will keep workouts interesting and challenging.

The ergonomics are good. The foot pads are very accommodating for different people and the gel pads are far more comfortable than straight plastic (if you exercise barefoot or in non-slip yoga socks; a benefit of having an Elliptical at home!). The upper handle bars have a nice geometry that allow you to change hand positions to help workout different arm muscles when at high resistance. The water bottle holder is oversized and can fit a large water bottle, while keeping it out of your way. The built-in exercise programs are nice and scale well to your chosen exercise time. They do include a cool-down period.

The heart rate handle bars do take some time to measure a good heart rate, so be patient with that if checking your heart rate mid- or end of exercise. I haven't tried the remote heart monitor yet. Maybe the latest software update fixed that? I wish AFG would post a change log for software update fixes.

The Elliptical's interface is straight forward; one only has to read the manual to know how to switch users. The rest is easy since you're guided by prompts that say what button to push to do certain things. Software updates are very easy. We just put in an update that came out this January 2014; user settings weren't deleted but not sure about Profile/workout data just yet.

The Elliptical uses the 30 pin iPod dock connector, not Lightning. You can use a 30pin to Lightning adapter to control music on a newer iPod or iPhone but there is limited space for it; you might block the readouts. With at least the software before the update, iPod + Nike didn't work with Lightning iOS devices. We have an iPod Touch 2 with a 30 pin connector and the Elliptical tries to record workouts but distances have all been wrong. Workouts don't show up in History so we can't calibrate. Maybe the new 2014 software update fixes this? I haven't had a chance to check. The Elliptical loses a star because this feature doesn't even seem to work on the iPod Touch 2 with iOS 4.2. But at least music out and control works! It'll also charge your iOS device (ditto if you use a lightning adapter). If you get a lightning to 30 pin adapter, make sure your phone case won't get in the way.

Overall, excellent elliptical with a few minor issues when putting it together and iPod + Nike not functioning well on 30 pin iOS devices and not functioning at all on Lightning iOS devices with the 30 pin adapter.

Verified Buyer

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4 out of 5

15 of 21 found this review helpful.


Submitted by OneMoeWin (Chickasaw, OH) on Jan, 2014

Wife and I both use the machine. We are 30 something's who are somewhat active but kids limit workout time. She is 5-4, 100+(that is as far as I can say and remain happily married:)), I am 6-2, 205 so it works well for our different size and stride length. The 3.1 model would have been ok for my wife, to save the cost, but found it was not as stable as the 4.1 when I got on.

So far working machine working great,, smooth, except that my iPhone is not synchronizing like it should. Only tried once so I will reserve my opinion until I research further. I would think it should work like my ihome radio dock but it just says "No Ipod connected".

Remote heart monitor works great. I like this feature not having to hold the handles.

Like the scale of the machine in the house, not too big aand the quietness of it (especially compared to treadmill).

Overall 4 out of 5. I will up this rating if iphone works and if it last 5 years with no major issues. time will tell.

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5 out of 5

18 of 25 found this review helpful.

4.1AE Elliptical

Submitted by Vic (South Boston, VA) on Mar, 2013

Easy one person assembly. Stout frame and very easy to use. Many work out programs that are intuitive to use.

Verified Buyer

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4 out of 5

27 of 33 found this review helpful.


Submitted by The Morning Workout (Bucks County, PA) on Jan, 2013

I bought this product after getting plantars facitis. I run 4 miles a day but the plantars made that challenging. I wanted to get an elliptical to change things up. It's been good alternating running and elliptical days. The low impact/ stress to my foot of an elliptical was just what the doctor ordered.

This is a solid elliptical. It has great training features. Th money sunk into the actual equipment rather than fancy screens or tvs or internet which i prefer. It's very quiet and provides a smooth ride. The heart beat monitor is great. The footpedals are well designed and i don't have numbness or foot pain. I work up a sweat in 1/2 the time of same running. The arm action drives a higher heart rate. The construction is first rate. With that being said, there are three improvement that would be key. The first is a one time issue. The assembly is a pain. I am mechanical. It just takes a while and is tedious. Unlike my treadmill which was a couple of parts, the elliptical assemble should be much less complex than it is. Again that's a singular event. The second is a design issues. I am concerned that the wire connection from the handles to the main body via a pivot joint is very poorly designed. I won't be surprised if it wears out quickly. Thirdly, it lacks a fan. Even the most basic treadmills have fans. I bought one to blow on me. The last two are simple changes that I highly recommend changing in future designs. I hope for the first but think that is more doubtful.

Verified Buyer

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5 out of 5

116 of 273 found this review helpful.

First Impressions

Submitted by Raven Logics on Aug, 2012

My initial impressions of this elliptical are pretty good. It appears to be a fairly sturdy machine with a smooth operation. The resistance range is decent, with the highest setting probably being more than most home users will ever require. There is some noise between the rollers and the back rails (which might lessen as they wear in), but overall it's much quieter than I was expecting. The flat elipse is comfortable to use as are the MaxTone pedals, while the incline helps to target different parts of the legs.

The build quality obviously isn't going to be as solid as that of much more expensive commercial machines, but for the price point it appears to be pretty good. It can take my 180lbs at full pace without showing any signs of being unstable. The most important aspect of buying any cardio machine for home is finding one that you will actually use - although I have only had it for a few days, the AFG4.1 certainly appears to be good enough to give a gym quality workout. Hopefully it will stand the test of time as well!

Assembly was pretty straight forward. The screws are coordinated with their associated build stages and simple to understand instructions.It took a little over two hours to build, but it could conceivably take half that for someone less cautious than myself.

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5 out of 5

145 of 261 found this review helpful.

I love you!

Submitted by Quinn on Jan, 2012

I paid to have this assembled and I recommend that.LOVE it...can I say that again..I LOVE this machine! I have had it for a week so far and it is smooth as silk!!! I can listen to my ipod and the speakers are not bad! This is sooo much better than Precor!!!

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2 out of 5

15 of 26 found this review helpful.

Has funny sound

Submitted by Brian (Maroa, IL) on Mar, 2013

The machine itself is nice and seems to work well but it has a noise. It is a click in the left mechanism. I assembled it myself and will take it apart to see if it goes away.

Verified Buyer

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5 out of 5

130 of 271 found this review helpful.

Submitted by Anonymous on Jan, 2012

This is my 1st fitness equipment and fully satisfied with the decision.
Easy assembling instruction - 1h30 to complete assembling.
Quality/price meets expectation.

Only 1 comment; there should be a language selection on the console (english, french or spanish), as all included documentation is in the 3 languages.

Giving a 5 stars level of appreciation.

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1 out of 5

12 of 25 found this review helpful.

noisy and cheapest

Submitted by Sylvain MorneauS on Jul, 2012

I'm really disappointed about this product. I change my Bremshey elliptical for this AFG 4.1 AE elliptical. Noisy and not resistant.

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2 out of 5

19 of 29 found this review helpful.

Nike Plus doesn't work at all!

Submitted by Robertne (Bourbonnais, IL) on Nov, 2012

Instructions were a bit confusing at times, and had wrong screws for wrong steps. Nike plus doesn't work at all, even though my iPhone has the latest version of iOS and the elliptical has the latest software. The elliptical will not send workout data at all to my phone. Contacted both AFG and Nike plus and they are aware of the issue but have not resolved it. Very frustrated. If you want this elliptical for Nike Plus, I can not recommend it at all as the feature just doesn't work. It's very sad!

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