4.0AR Exercise bike

Comfortable recumbent exercise bike packed with features.

SKU: HRB0044-00

Key Features

Smooth Motion

The 4.0 AR’s 23-lb flywheel and quiet magnetic brake deliver smooth elliptical motion. FreeSPIN™ technology lets you coast instead of experience sudden, joint-straining stops.

Comfort And Convenience

Our step-through recumbent frame design is accessible and comfortable. The easily adjustable seat with special lumbar support offers comfort and safety for users of all shapes and sizes. With its exclusive side-mounted console, the 4.0 AR won’t block your view.

Simple Controls

The console allows for simple operation of advanced features. With 5 LED screens and handlebar-mounted controls, selecting and modifying programs is easy. ProFILE™ performance tracking technology allows for simple, real-time monitoring of key data.

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Key Specifications

Frame Type Recumbent
Flywheel Weight 23 lbs / 10.5 kg
Console Display 4 LED Feedback Windows, 1 LED Progress Window
Workouts Manual, Intervals, Weight Loss, Rolling, Constant Watts, Cadence, Random, Custom 1, THR Zone 1 & 2
Workout Tracking proFILE
Pedal Type Wide Ratcheting with Strap 9/16
Resistance Range 1 ~ 20
Heart Rate Contact, Telemetric Receiver (chest strap included)
User Capacity 325 lbs / 147 kg
Assembled Dimensions 63" x 43" x 46"
Assembled Weight 150 lbs / 68 kg
Shipping Dimensions 66" x 15" x 30"
Shipping Weight 165 lbs / 75 kg
Electrical Requirements 12V AC Adapter
Warranty | Frame Lifetime
Warranty | Brake Lifetime
Warranty | Parts 3 Years*
Warranty | Labor 1 Year

AFG Premium Warranty

Superior protection so you can purchase with confidence AFG Fitness offers best-in-class components and labor warranties for complete peace of mind.

Frame Lifetime
Brake Lifetime
Parts 3 Years*
Labor 1 Year

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5 out of 5

123 of 292 found this review helpful.

A really nice recumbent bike!

Submitted by Tiffani on Apr, 2012

We purchased the 4.0AR to help me get down to a reasonable weight and just have good general fitness.
The first 'work out' I had on it was at my local fitness store, about 15 minutes just to see how I felt on it.
Tonight we got it home, set it up in an hour (hubby is pretty handy assembling things) and I had my first real workout, on random, varying from levels 1 to 3. The heartrate monitors are located on the handles which as you can see in the pictures, are out in front of you.
I have to admit, the first time I sat on it, I put my hands up on the arm rests and giggled saying "Pew! Pew!!" I feel like I'm in starwars on a starship! HA!

Anyway, the workout was for 30 minutes, and my heartrate got up in the the ideal range for my age. I sweated pretty good, huffed and puffed some and when I was done my legs felt nice and wobbly!

I also think since it's in the tv room, I can set it to level 1 and just pedal so that I'm not just laying around all the time.

It's well built, no squeaks or creaks or clunks or grinding noises. It is a bit wide though and we had to rearrange our already crammed tv room to fit it in there (but this is a smal house with a funky layout).

It's super cool that there is no console right in front of you blocking your view. I was aimed right at the screen and enjoyed the movie :)
My plans are to use it daily, and after my 30 minute ride, my fanny was a bit sore, but I hope that will get better once the pounds come off.

Love this and highly recommend this bike!

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3 out of 5

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Quality issuses

Submitted by dv_email (San Pedro, CA) on May, 2013

Product...the bike is made sturdy with heavy steel tubing. But the plastic parts do not fit well together. There are 2 decorative covers under the seat with a small hook on each. These did not fit together and had to order parts. One of the covers is no longer available but AFG does not really care or choose to compensate. You are just stuck with no cover. The plastic cover on the back seat presses on. It has gaps at the bottom. The cover over the flywheel has plastic tabs and most of those were broken when the unit arrived. The instructions for the electronic control module says to plug one of the connectors into the red connector but there is no red connector. In tiny white letters, about 2 font, are the letters RED.

Performance... the recumbant bike is comfortable and good pedal placement. Other bikes cause you to bend your knee at greater than 90 degrees while cycling but this bike allows you to just reach 90 degrees but also without over stretching your leg on the far side. This is good for exercising and when my wife has her knee surgery. Like all electronics, the module takes a minute to understand but is otherwise user friendly. The seat and seat back are comfortable. The seat is cut so it does not interfere with biking.

Delivery...the unit is rated near 100 pounds. It came by truck and one hobbit driver about 2 feet tall. He drops the box from the truck. No hand truck. Slides it to the front door. Then end over end to get it up 6 stairs. The box arrived torn and battered with attempts to hold it all together with packaging tape. Most of the styrofoam packaging was broken and many of the large plastic pieces were broken or had bad wear marks.

Assembly...I am 55 and good health. It would have taken me about an hour to put this together. Most of the instructions are well written. Parts bags have numbers on them so you know which to use first.

Customer service...if you go by email which is what I did, the response is ok but you get someone new each time. It appears they are in the USA but might as well be in Uranus as there is no follow up or attention to detail. If you do not ask, they do not provide. I sent an email telling them which parts were broken and they return with a picture asking which part is broken. I send the picture with the parts circled as well as the part numbers...I think we did this 3x. If a part is not available, oh well, too bad so sad..no compensation, no nothing.

Overall, if you fork out 1000 dollars for an exercise bike, you expect more. Especially when there is A LOT of others to choose from and less expensive too. I would really have to consider whether I would go through all this again or spend a little more time looking at the competition. Companies need to understand the importance of product quality and customer service and it potential to the bottomline as well as a reflection of management. Again, I would really have to consider whether I would go through all this or spend a little more time looking at the competition.

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2 out of 5

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Design flaws

Submitted by Pete (Sacramento, CA) on Dec, 2012

I am an avid cyclist looking for off-season training. The plan was to work out on the 4.0AR in the garage while it is raining outside. There are 4 basic reasons why I sent it back:
1. The wheels that allow of the seat adjustment mean that the seat is inherently loose on the tracts.This results in significant side-to-side rocking while pedaling.
2. The pedals are significantly further apart than are bicycle pedals. This interferes with spinning at a high cadence.
3 The computer programming if very limited. All the pre programmed options start with a 4 minute warmup. You can program your own, but you can't change the resistance more than once per 60 seconds.
4. Many of the plastic parts of the bike are too easily breakable. My bike arrived with a broken front wheel. The idea is that one person can move the bike by lifting the back and rolling on these small front wheels. They are made of thin fragile plastic that can't handle that sort of weight.

The computer off to the side and the 23 pound flywheel are good things, but I can't get around the flaws.

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