AFG Sport 3.5AE Elliptical

In-tune with the way you move

SKU: HEP0550-01

Key Features

A great way to start

If you’re looking for a dependable, no-nonsense elliptical designed to feel better for the way you move, then the 3.5AE is perfect for you.

Maximizes your effort … and space

The distinctive design of the 3.5AE offers low pedal placement, allowing secure easy step-on access and maximizing headroom – ideal for lower ceilings.

Designed to feel better

The 3.5AE comes equipped with a precision flywheel that provides a smooth experience. The long, flat ellipse motion and the overlapping pedal rotation mimics your natural stride and promotes an easy, fluid motion – a signature of AFG ellipticals. Plus, feel the difference in your hands with the comfort-plus handle-bars.

Features to keep you motivated

We’ve included 9 dynamic workout programs to keep you moving … and motivated. We’ve also spared no detail and included built-in speakers compatible with any MP3 device, including iPod, and HR contact grips for heart rate monitoring.

Reassuring service and warranty protection

In addition to a lifetime frame and brake warranty, the 3.5 AE comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and in-home repairs.

Elliptical Buying Guide

Key Specifications

Frame Type SixStar Certified™ Elliptical Frame
Flywheel Weight 14.3 lbs. / 6.5 kg
Incline Type n/a
Incline Range Flat
Stride Length 18" / 46 cm
Resistance Range 1 - 10
Step On Height 10" / 25 cm
Pedal Type n/a
Display Type 3 orange LED windows
Programs 9
Workouts 9 including: Goal (Time, Distance, and Calories) & Workout (Hills, Weight Loss, Reverse Train)
Heart Rate ERGOfit™ contact grips
One-Button Quick Start Yes
Quick Resistance Keys Yes
Speakers Sonic Surround™ speakers with MP3 / iPod® compatibility
Personal Fan Adjustable COOLfit™ fitness fan
Energy Saver™ Yes
Max User Weight 300 lbs. / 136 kg
Pedal Spacing 0"
Assembled Dimensions<br />(L x W x H) 73" x 22" x 65" / 185 x 56 x 165 cm
Assembled Weight 162 lbs. / 74 kg
Shipping Dimensions 52" x 30" x 19
Shipping Weight 182 lbs. / 82 kg
Warranty | Frame Lifetime
Warranty | Parts 1 Year
Warranty | Labor 1 Year

AFG Premium Warranty

Superior protection so you can purchase with confidence AFG Fitness offers best-in-class components and labor warranties for complete peace of mind.

Brake 20 Years
Max User Weight 300 lbs. / 136 kg
Frame Lifetime
Parts 1 Year
Labor 1 Year

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5 out of 5

41 of 47 found this review helpful.

Good Quality for the (Sale) Price

Submitted by David Allen Rivera (Millersburg, PA) on Apr, 2016

I had an 18-year old treadmill that has suddenly become unreliable (and I haven't worked out on a regular basis because of that), which is a moot point; because I am a 59-year old male whose body is quickly becoming unreliable. I was in the market for an Elliptical that would be easier on my knees. And, I had to be able to buy it locally so I wasn't spending $150 for freight. And, it had to be around $500. So, about the only place around was Dick's, and they had a few units. I didn't need a big, fancy, expensive machine. I wanted something small, no-frills and cheap; but relatively good quality. I saw this unit was on sale for 40% off, and it seemed pretty solid. I actually didn't turn it on, because I figured anything would be quieter than my old treadmill. I picked it up at the store. And of course it wouldn't fit in the car (Chevy Impala); so I had to stand it up at an angle in my trunk, and bungee cord it in place after 2 guys from the store shoved it in there. When I got it home, 30 miles away, I had to move a 182 pound box out of my trunk and into my house. Amazingly I was able to do it, then once I got it there, I carried all the pieces up to my 3rd floor attic. Actually, there are not that many pieces.

The instructions are very good, and the directions are easy to follow. The parts are all secured in separate shrink-wrapped sections of a card, and they even throw in the tools it takes to put it together (Awesome!). There are only 8 steps. I'm not mechanically inclined, so it took, all together, about 2 hours, as I was taking my time. I ran into 1 snag that delayed completion by 2 days. On Step 6, the 'ears' on the Lower Handlebar were twisted and wouldn't line-up to accomodate the bolt. After 2 days I was told that it wasn't defective, that there is a bolt under those 'ears' to adjust them. And by golly, inset under that piece was an adjustment bolt to do that. It would have been nice if that fact was in the instructions.

Once together, the unit is so quiet, I had to push the resistance up just to make sure it was working. So in that regard, it runs very nice. Two things I'll mention just for the sake of completeness. The onboard 3-speed fan is not very effective; and the 2 onboard speakers do not have a rich sound. But I didn't have either with my treadmill, which is why I have a box fan and headphones. But if it is important to you, be aware. Other than that, the operation is very smooth, and the quality seems very solid. The different programs, settings, and readouts on the digital displays work okay. I haven't really gotten into yet. Again, with my treadmil, about the only thing it really gave me was the time and distance, so that's about all I need. This unit gives you considerably more. But whether I choose to fool around with all that, I'll have to wait and see.

Whether it will last 18 years like the treadmill (mfg for Sears), remains to be seen; but hopefully it will help me attain my health and weight goals for the next few years.

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5 out of 5

46 of 49 found this review helpful.

Great machine for lower ceilings

Submitted by Bronco28 (Omaha, NE) on Mar, 2016

I am very pleased with this machine. First, the reason I chose the 3.5 after a lot of research is because it works well with lower ceilings. My basement ceiling is 7'6", and I am 6 feet, and I still have about 8" clearance. This machine does not have incline which would cause your head to get much closer to the ceiling. The machine at my gym did not have incline either so that is something I won't miss anyway. The resistance levels are just fine for me and I know I will never get close to using level 10. The machine is very smooth and quiet. The 18" stride feels normal so I have no complaints with the design.

I opened the box in the garage and carried all the parts downstairs by myself before assembly. All the metal parts are heavy duty and high quality and assembly was very well documented. There are two washers which should have a smaller hole to keep them centered during assembly, but if you use your head you can figure it out. There were 4 screws left over because they had been pre-installed in the back of the computer console. It took about 1 1/2 hours to put together.

This elliptical has the basic features you need, but not extra features and programs many people won't use anyway. Definitely a 5 star quality product.

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4 out of 5

60 of 63 found this review helpful.

Very Good Buy

Submitted by ksm (Chilliwack, BC) on Feb, 2016

I've had my 3.5AE elliptical for a year. I use it 4/5 days per week, although at 70 the workouts are not overly strenuous. From the beginning and for a long time the elliptical made a "clunking" noise, but foolishly I endured it. Then recently i decided to contact AFG and see if they could help. My experiences with warranties and service have been negative and I was not looking forward to what I anticipated would be a fight with AFG. I could not have been more wrong. From my first email to AFG to recently having it repaired the service was prompt, courteous and patient. My elliptical is now running very smoothly and quietly (which it could have been months ago if I'd contacted the company).

The problem with the elliptical was a broken bearing which caused considerable vibration and noise. It was noisy from the time I set it up and I'm certain the elliptical came that way. My assumption is that it was manufactured that way.

I like the machine and it more than meets my needs. I am 6' 1" and weigh 200 lbs and the machine suits my stride and is solid. I looked at and tried a lot of other ellipticals before getting the 3.5 AE and found it to be what I thought was the best.

It took two of us about 4 hours to assemble the machine, but we went slowly and carefully thoroughly greasing all parts with a top quality silicon grease. The instructions were clear and easy to follow.

A tip if you purchase one; when they say check to ensure all the washers are installed - check all the washers. I had two missing and they made more difference than I ever would have guessed. Good luck with your fitness. ksm

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