3.1AE Elliptical

A premium elliptical with power incline.

SKU: HEP0361-01

Key Features

SIXSTAR Certified™ frame

Derived from extensive biomechanics research, SIXstar Certification™ is a unique combination of the six key elements needed to deliver the most natural elliptical feel available. It focuses on all areas that impact the feel and comfort of an elliptical, including body positioning, handlebar spacing, elliptical foot path, pedal placement, elliptical access and the trainer's drive mechanism.

New heights, new challenges with power incline

With the touch of a console button, 20 levels of power incline will take your workout to the next level or vary the muscle groups you're working. Start at any fitness level and work toward new goals and challenges.

Advanced workout tracking for faster results

Smarter features like exclusive proFILE™ performance tracking technology enables up to 2 users to monitor and evaluate a variety of workout statistics, including time, calories, watts and distance. For even more workout feedback, the 3.1AE includes a Polar® receiver for wireless heart rate monitoring to ensure you reach your target range for optimum results.

Speaker system helps you get in the zone

Enjoy your favorite workout playlists from the dynamic, built-in speaker system, compatible with any MP3 device, including iPod. An input jack is included in the console, in addition to a headphone outlet for privacy.

More workouts, less routine

Whatever your fitness level may be, you can choose from 10 different programs to suit your goals. From Muscle Toner to Weight Loss to Reverse Train, you can experience a wide variety of fitness routines while you burn fat, build endurance and increase strength. Two custom programs are included to let you tailor your own workout.

Superior service and warranty protection

In addition to a lifetime frame warranty, AFG offers a three-year warranty on parts, and one year of unlimited in-home repairs.

Key Specifications

Frame Type SixStar Certified™ Frame
Flywheel Weight 23 lbs / 10.5 kg
Incline Type Power Incline
Incline Range 20 levels, 5% increments
Stride Length 20"
Resistance Range 1-20
Step-on Height 13.5"
Pedal Cushioning Non-slip, Premium
Console Display 2 LED Feedback Windows, 16-digit alphanumeric display, LED Progress Window
Workouts Manual, Intervals, Weight Loss, Constant Watts, Muscle Toner, Reverse Train, Oregon Trail, THR Zone, Customer 1 & 2
USB Port Yes, used for Software Updates
Workout Tracking proFILE
Built-in Speakers Yes
Entertainment iPod/MP3 pocket w/ input jack
Heart Rate Contact Grips, Telemetric Receiver
User Capacity 325 lbs / 147 kg
Assembled Dimensions 76" x 24" x 67"
Assembled Weight 198 lbs / 90 kg
Shipping Dimensions 50" x 21" x 30"
Shipping Weight 216lbs / 98.5kg
Electrical Requirements 110V
Warranty | Frame Lifetime
Warranty | Parts 3 Years
Warranty | Labor 1 Year

AFG Premium Warranty

Superior protection so you can purchase with confidence AFG Fitness offers best-in-class components and labor warranties for complete peace of mind.

Brake Lifetime
Frame Lifetime
Parts 3 Years
Labor 1 Year

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5 out of 5

103 of 115 found this review helpful.

Great Equipment

Submitted by Michael & Bernadette (Jacksonville, FL) on Dec, 2012

We researched this equipment prior to purchase and found this device was rated as one of the best by Consumer Reports. It's about what we expected to spend, and holiday pricing and free shipping sealed the deal. We are very happy with the purchase.

We found the equipment to be well made and rock solid. It was delivered directly to our living room without a problem. We put the machine together ourselves, watching the online (You Tube) video and reading the manual. It went together exactly as described with not one problem. The tools were supplied and held up well (many supplied tools fail quickly), all parts were already lubricated, and the equipment is very well built. Its as quiet as they come.

The equipment works very well, as reviewed by Consumer reports, and is very easy to learn and operate.

Recommend this to anyone interested in the equipment.

Now comes the hard part.....

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4 out of 5

22 of 30 found this review helpful.

Satisfied w/ self assembled unit

Submitted by RCF (Fulshear, TX) on Jun, 2013

I use it 3-4 times a week with a simple profile. Very smooth and quiet. I get the workout I need at a low intensity level so it provides ample margin for higher levels as I progress. Assembly instructions are good. Controls are well thought out and easily understood. The wIreless heart rate chest strap is a good addition, the pulse grips don't work well. I do not use the playback feature so no comments on that.

Verified Buyer

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4 out of 5

23 of 29 found this review helpful.

excellent support

Submitted by Bob (Manchester, CT) on Apr, 2013

Purchased online, delivered at no cost, and self-assembled. Tried the 3.1 out but had no power. Called in to report problem and was shipped replacement parts and contacted by local company for installation of new parts, all under warranty. Outstanding support and service. Finally, the machine is everything I expected.

Verified Buyer

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4 out of 5

26 of 34 found this review helpful.

Excellent, solid product

Submitted by Jan (Westwood, MA) on Mar, 2013

Don't go cheaper. We purchased a significantly less expensive product from another store, and ended up returning it within a week of purchase. It was shoddily assembled, and broke after 10 minutes of use. I can imagine there might be many other scenarios, including use scenarios where one of us got badly hurt.

I don't think you can find a good elliptical for less than the $1300+ price name, irrespective of the brand.

We have used our 3.1e for a time now, and are happy with it.

The only drawbacks with the experience are that although we spent the $200+ for the extended warranty and service plan, and, yes, the unit was installed in our home, we feel a bit "abandoned", meaning we don't know where we are supposed to turn if there's a tune-up or service needed on the unit.

I also have a task to check out online how I might repair a squeak which is occurring when we use the unit. I have tightened every exposed nut and screw I can find, and still the squeak persists. I don't mind it so much but my partner does. I mind it if it indicates some component is being repeatedly stressed and may fail. I do not know yet.

Verified Buyer

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5 out of 5

19 of 25 found this review helpful.

Elliptical Review

Submitted by John Sherrer (Amarillo, TX) on Mar, 2013

I have been very impressed with our elliptical trainer. The quality is superb! The assembly instructions were the best that I have ever experienced for any product that I had to assemble. They instructions had numbers relating the nuts and bolts to the instructions to make sure the trainer was assembled using the correct parts and order. The only complaint that I have is the hand grip heart monitor is not very accurate. That is probably why a chest monitor is now included. All in all I am very pleased with my purchase and have really enjoyed the workout that I get from this trainer.

Verified Buyer

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5 out of 5

21 of 28 found this review helpful.

Time to exercise

Submitted by smueller (Columbia, MO) on Mar, 2013

Purchased online and only took a few days to receive with no problems. The directions to put the elliptical together were so detailed and easy to do. I am 51 and have not exercised for several years. It has been easy to start slow and work up to a longer workout. Wish only I could handle longer. I have been very satisfied with everything so far.

Verified Buyer

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5 out of 5

127 of 238 found this review helpful.

very nice machine

Submitted by F.Gauthier on Nov, 2011

very well design elliptical , with loads of features without the price tag of big name company , I am very happy , quiet ,sturdy, comfortable and easy to use , make the morning workout a pleasure to do. highly recommended.

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3 out of 5

22 of 32 found this review helpful.

AFG 3.1AE Elliptical TRainer

Submitted by Tommy Joe (North Sutton, NH) on Mar, 2013

I recommend this product with reservations.

When I began assembling the trainer I had to halt progress as the right lower handlebar was missing. As this was a Saturday, I had to wait until Monday to call customer service. I found a very understanding woman who verified that the part was available and made arrangements to ship the part to me by 2-day Fed-Ex delivery.

After receiving the missing part I came to a step that said "Attach the 3 CONSOLE CABLES to the CONSOLE".. I found this strange as there were 4 cables. Three of the cables were similar with obvious cables coming from the console so I connected these and tucked away the fourth.

After completing the assembly. I turned on the power and nothing happened. I correctly guessed that the fourth, unconnected cable was the culprit so I disassembled the equipment and found where the fourth cable plugged into the console.

After one or two uses I found that the resistance became less when I went to a higher resistance setting. I called customer service who correctly diagnosed the problem as a miss-assembly of the cable that goes from the resistance magnets to the resistance motor. She set up a service number and gave me the name of a nearby representative to call

I called, the service rep and set up an appointment for a time two weeks later. He came and fixed the problem.

I have now been using the equipment daily but I have some doubts of the programming of some of the exercise programs.

Clearly, AFG needs to fix some problems in packing/shipping, product assembly and instruction manuals.

Verified Buyer

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5 out of 5

122 of 215 found this review helpful.

works great

Submitted by Colleen on Mar, 2012

after comparing many models I choose to buy this eliptical. My husband who is a treadmill fan tried it out when we got it home he loves it and so do I. We were replacing our older eliptical and wanted to make sure we got something we would be happy with for many years. It has a smooth natural stride which even with my knee and ankle problems causes no pain. The incline and resistance make it an awesome workout for my fit husband. It is quiet so there is no distracting noise when your on it and the chest heartrate monitor lets you know how hard you are working. Had it for 6 weeks now and have no regrets! We purchased a AFG recumbant bike a few years ago and were pretty sure the eliptical would be of the same quality. Great machine:)

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2 out of 5

12 of 18 found this review helpful.

Disappointing at best.

Submitted by BJ (Eustis, FL) on Aug, 2014

After a lot of research we decided to order the 3.1AE. There was a current offer of an extended warranty and apparently that's a good thing (although I would MUCH rather not use it). After a month the flywheel/sensors began making noise. Add to that the readout was completely incorrect. They assumed it was the sensors so they sent someone to replace it. I suggested they simply plug in a new head unit instead as it would be very quick to do and would narrow down the problem. They refused and did the sensor work. With 48 hours the noises came back, ten-fold. The readout continued to be wrong. The speed blasts from 5.0 to 17 or so, down to 4, up to 9...you get it. Obviously that means everything else is wrong. I'm not really burning 1300 calories in an hour, guaranteed. Fast forward to today. The mechanicals clunk like they're going to blow up at any second. It's therefore not safe in the event it would either lock up or slip under load. The electronics are still incorrect.
Disappointing at best. Would not recommend it. Apparently the negative reviews that I did find were correct. Almost exactly the issues we have.

Verified Buyer

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5 out of 5

218 of 317 found this review helpful.

I am in love with this machine!

Submitted by Anonymous on Feb, 2012

Let me just preface this review by stating that I am not an athlete, nor do I have any athletic inclination at all. I am female, 5’4”, looking to lose weight, and not terribly coordinated. I have used the fancy ellipticals at the gym and also test drove several different models and price points in various stores before deciding on this machine. Of all of the different models, this one met all of my “wants” for an elliptical.

This machine doesn’t have any unnecessary features, but has everything you do need. Although the AFG site has a lot of info about this machine, I wish they would really brag up the awesome features that make this machine unique from others in it’s price range. Here are a few:

1. Wireless heart rate monitor with chest strap – This is a must have in my opinion. I use the upper (moving) handles and don’t want to take my hands off repeatedly to get my heart beat.

2. Target Heart Zone program – This program works with the chest strap monitor to automatically adjust the resistance to keep your heart beat in your range (which you determine prior to starting the program). It will also stop the program if your heart beat is more than 25 beats over your range to keep you from over doing it. Because of this, make sure you pick a rate that is accurate. It may take a couple of tries before you find the right setting.

3. Auto-incline – This is a feature that is worth the extra money. No one wants to be in the middle of a workout to get off the machine and manually adjust the incline. Plus there are pre-set programs that utilize the incline feature as well.

4. Workout status window – This will allow you to see where you are in the program. This is nice as you can see if there is a hill up ahead and can brace yourself for it!

My experience with ellipticals in the past has been with the rear driven style. That kind would cause my knees to hurt after a few minutes on them, and that is essentially why I gave them up. Being front driven, this machine does not bother my knees at all. The only physical complaint that I would have is that my toes tend to fall asleep after a period of time, but I think that problem is indicative of all ellipticals. I just move my feet around on the pedals and that seems to help some.

Lastly, I did not buy this machine online, but rather from an authorized retailer. I had read several reviews online of different machines where people attempted to put their machine together by themselves, and after 2-4 hours they ended up with a machine that clanked, wobbled, or made some annoying sound with each pedal push. Because this machine is over 200, pounds paired with the fact that it is a $1,000 machine; I think that it is absolutely worth the extra money to pay for the delivery and installation. The retailer was prompt with the delivery and they unpacked the pieces before carrying them down to my basement to set it up. It was set up in less than an hour and worked perfectly, plus they got rid of the garbage! It is extremely quiet and very sturdy as well.

If you are looking for an elliptical, please consider this one! Really think about how you want to use it and what features are important to you. I looked at several models that had gimmicky things like built in fans and online progress tracking, but they left off the really useful features like the wireless heart rate monitor and target heart zone programs. I also compared this model against the AFG 4.1 AE, but decided that the additional features weren’t worth the additional money (at least not for me). The 3.1 AE is a great machine that is extremely versatile and is worth every penny!

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2 out of 5

25 of 41 found this review helpful.

Circuit Problems

Submitted by Therese (Rockford, IL) on Jan, 2013

We had a tech at our house twice and still he could not figure out why the electric would not work on this model. We have decided to take the refund and go without this item.

Verified Buyer

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