New AFG Exercise Bikes Challenge Traditional Design

In the world of AFG, there’s always a better, smarter way to design fitness equipment – exercise bikes are no exception. That’s why AFG set out to develop the most comfortable, easy-to-use exercise bikes on the planet. After a year of research, development and testing, AFG announces a full line of exercise bikes designed to inspire and motivate users to get the most from their workout.

The new line from AFG includes two hybrid models that bring a fresh, new approach to exercise bike design, as well as three recumbent bikes.

“Our design process began by talking with consumers,” said Todd Boerboom, brand manager for AFG. “We weren’t interested in building a ‘me-too’ product or some other contraption filled with bells-and-whistles that aren’t meaningful to the consumer. AFG is in the business of developing smart products that allow people to get the most from their workouts. Our new designs are highly functional because we listened to what people want from their fitness equipment.”

AFG Hybrid Exercise Bikes

AFG has taken the best design features of a recumbent bike and blended it with a traditional upright model, resulting in the most comfortable, easy-to-use bikes on the market. The AFG hybrids incorporate a proprietary design originally created for the commercial channel by Johnson Health Tech, NA, the parent company for AFG. The platform incorporates a number of unique features, most notably a step-through design for easy on-and-off access. In addition, a rider’s body is positioned at a 45-degree angle, which is ergonomically the most ideal position for people with hip or joint issues.

The 4.0 AH (MSRP: $1,499) is the first of two hybrids being offered. It comes with a fully-adjustable, high-quality seat with integrated lumbar support. The seat helps riders maintain proper posture to relieve and prevent back discomfort. The bike incorporates a heavy-duty, 23-pound flywheel for smooth operation. In addition, the flywheel allows riders to stop pedaling at any point during a workout (the wheel continues to rotate, but the foot pedals do not).

The 4.0 AH offers 20 resistance levels and 10 preset programs to keep workouts varied and challenging. The bike even comes with a unique feature called ProFILE™ performance tracking, which allows riders to monitor important workout statistics over the lifetime of the product, including distance, pace, speed, calories, etc. The bike also comes with a Polar® receiver and chest strap for heart rate monitoring.

The 4.0 AH has a lifetime warranty on the frame and brake, three- to five-year warranty on parts and one-year warranty on labor. Its user weight capacity is rated at 300 pounds.

AFG is offering a second hybrid model called the 3.0 AH (MSRP: $1,199). The bike offers many of the same features as the 4.0 AH with these variations: 18-pound flywheel, eight preset programs and a contact heart rate monitor.

“Quite simply, hybrids are the smart way to build an exercise bike,” Boerboom said. “Look no further than the bicycle industry to see the explosive growth of hybrid technology. People crave performance, but they don’t want to sacrifice comfort and ease-of-use to get it. Our hybrids deliver on all fronts.”

AFG Recumbent Bikes

AFG is also rolling out three recumbent bikes ranging in price from $799 to $1,199. The line is highlighted by the 4.0AR (MSRP: $1,199), which includes a side console design, which uniquely positions the controls to the right side of the bike. This smart design makes it easier to get on and off the bike, doesn’t obstruct one’s view while watching TV and makes it more comfortable to work out, especially for those who are overweight.

The 4.0AR is loaded with other useful features including a comfortable, fully-adjustable seat; a 23-pound flywheel for smooth operation; 20 resistance levels and 10 preset programs for challenging workouts; ProFILE performance tracking to monitor performance; and a Polar receiver and chest strap for heart rate monitoring.

AFG is a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd., the fourth-largest fitness equipment manufacturer in the world with roughly $348 million in annual sales revenue (2006). AFG products are sold exclusively at specialty fitness retailers around the country. AFG offers a wide variety of smart, value-added fitness equipment, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and functional strength training equipment.

All AFG equipment is designed with one thing in mind – the end user experience. Before a product is conceived, AFG talks with consumers to identify the tools and features people need to accomplish a fitness goal. The end result is smart, highly functional fitness equipment that empowers people to look, feel and live better.

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